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Best Bathtub Maintenance Tips

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Nothing beats a refreshing hot bath after a long day of work. Put a fizzy bath bomb to add a bubbly effect while you soak yourself in a relaxing tub. The hydrotherapy from the bathtub relieves muscle-pain and also helps in managing stress. Regular cleaning and sufficient knowledge on maintenance can help you maintain the things that pamper you. By doing so, you can enjoy warm baths without any trouble with repairs and it will increase your property value dramatically.

Clean it well

Observe that every time you use the bathtub, a thin film of soap residue forms in the corners. You can prevent this by pouring hot water or wiping it with a soft cloth. Maintain the smoothness and shine of your tub by using non-abrasive cleaning solutions. Read the instructions of the cleaning material before buying it to ensure it’s applicable for bathtubs. Put a steel mesh strainer to filter out all potentials things like hairs that may clog the water system. Lastly, schedule a regular cleaning day. It could be weekly, monthly, or biweekly as long as you set aside a certain time for it.

Check the other parts

Upon installation of a bathtub, building materials such as grout, sealant, and tiles are perfectly intact. However, after some time, these materials deteriorate which causes the entry of water, which then sparks the formation of bacteria and mildew. Check the integrity of your tiles, grout, and sealants once or twice a year, depending on the frequency of use. The simple rule here is, if you already see damage then fix it immediately and don’t wait until the water reaches the wall cavity. Be observant when you do your regular cleaning for any potential leaks. Perform an annual check on your bathtub.

Inspect the shower doors

Doors should always be included in your cleaning regimen. Check for stagnant water at the base of the door. If there are some holes in the door, make sure to patch them with something to prevent penetration of water. Wipe the rubber base with a soft cloth to remove the slimy water and soap formation.

Replace the bath carpet

Carpets add an extra elegance to your bathroom. These might get stinky and wet after a few days. Make sure to always replace them or hang them somewhere under the sun to dry naturally and remove the smell.

There will come the point that cleaning and maintenance will not suffice anymore. This could be because of extensive damage due to decades of use. Let your bathtub retire and give your bathroom a new vibrant stylish model. Contact a junk removal Houston company for your old bathtub needs. They can help you minimize the struggle in getting it out and getting rid of it permanently.

Just like any other item in the house, bathtubs need a touch of care. This can ensure you that you will not experience more expensive damage due to negligence. Regular cleaning makes the work so much easier.